Information security should not only protect the data in an IT system, but also ensure the security of all other information, such as information written only on paper or stored in an employee’s mind. Availability, confidentiality and integrity of information are the basic values ​​of information security.

The information security management system (ISMS) permanently defines, controls and continuously improves information security within the company. A company must adhere to certain procedures and rules to ensure compliance with the ISMS.

Using the international standard ISO 27001, companies can be certified that their planning, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of information security comply with internationally recognized standards.

Services include:

  • We analyze and evaluate the information security management of your company based on ISO 27001
  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Support in building an information security process specific to your business
  • ISMS assessments by licensed and experienced ISMS auditors
  • ISMS audit according to ISO 27001
  • Accompany your company to ISO 27001 certification
  • Protection needs analysis for individual business practice
  • Risk assessments to assess and evaluate information security risks
  • Integrate information security management into existing structures and processes
  • Drawing up of reports on information security and conformity with ISO 27000 series standards
  • Supplier audits