The information gathered by an organization as well as the supporting processes, systems and networks , are all of great value to a business but they also expose you to risks and threats.

Information security should ensure confidentiality, integrity and the availability of both the information and the systems that process and store it.

Information security management is an ongoing process where strategies and concepts need to be continually reviewed for performance and effectiveness.

Services include:

  • Planning
    We identify relevant security goals and strategies, create an organization-specific information security policy and select optimal security measures.
  • Implementation
    Implementation and operation of the ISMS. We implement and ensure compliance with security measures that ensure information security during operation.
  • Check
    Monitor and verify the ISMS for its effectiveness. We review the existence, relevance and adherence to security measures, check these against best practices and ensure that we are aware of any incidents.
  • Improve
    Maintaining and improving the ISMS. We respond to identified errors, vulnerabilities and changing environmental conditions and eliminate the causes of dangers. When necessary new improvement plans are prepared.